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Symphonic Symmetry

Symphonic Symmetry

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One of the clearest connections between math and music is symmetry. In math, "symmetry" is when a shape is identical to another when it is moved (translated), rotated, or flipped (reflected). In music, symmetry works in a very similar way in that the sound waves can be translated or reflected, and also scaled to some fractional equivalent of the same rhythm which retains the symmetry. Apparently, Bach incorporated intricate structures and symmetries into his compositions, particularly often in his canons; his “Musical Offering” is a great sample of musical symmetry in that you can hear practically any imaginable form of symmetry. Take a listen and see if you can identify them!

This colorway plays with bright neon pops of pink, orange, green, and purple against a neutral gray background.

Each skein of hand-dyed yarn is designed with precision and care, but variations among individual skeins may vary.

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