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Rough Draft Mystery Packs

Rough Draft Mystery Packs

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Mystery packs! While the “rough drafts” don’t make the final cut as named colorways, it doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. 💕 And there are so many just sitting around waiting for a home, it was time to pull some packs together!

Some packs will be from the same dye lot, but many will be coordinating colors that might make a nice fade project. Some packs may even include different bases! 

Color and base will vary, but embrace the mystery and go all-in for a fun, yarnie surprise on a deep discount! ✨ 

Each pack includes three skeins in some combination of 100g sock weight, 100g DK weight, and/or 50g mohair. 

If you want to make a request for color family or preferred base, just include a note at checkout and I will do my best to include something perfectly tailored to YOU. 😘

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