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Möbius Strip Inverted Advent Cowl [Pattern only]

Möbius Strip Inverted Advent Cowl [Pattern only]

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After purchase, you will receive a download link for a digital copy of the Möbius Strip Inverted advent cowl pattern.

Originally released with the Purls & Postulates Holiday 2021 Yarn Advent inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tony Stark (genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, a.k.a. Iron Man) solved the enigma of time travel with a model simulation in the shape of a “Möbius strip, inverted.” After reconvening with the other surviving Avengers at their complex in upstate New York, the heroes successfully navigate the Quantum Realm and retrieve all six Infinity Stones before returning to their own salvaged timeline and evading another mass genocide event.

This tubular cowl is designed with a helical faux seam and contrasting lace and texture striping sections, with a half twist of course to create the Möbius shape. It’s up to you whether to invert it or not…

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