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Melodious Momentum

Melodious Momentum

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Let’s talk tempo! “Tempo” is simply the speed at which music is played. We can have all sorts of different emotional reactions based on the tempo to which a melody moves along. Some composers and artists use tempo changes intentionally to carry a listener through a range of emotions. One classical example is Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”: in particular, he incorporated a presto (fast) movement in “Summer” that goes back and forth between slower and faster paces to keep it exciting! And then a modern example of tempo change is “evermore” by Taylor Swift. 💖

Black speckles pop against a fuchsia and coral background in this colorway.

Each skein of hand-dyed yarn is designed with precision and care, but variations among individual skeins may vary.

To learn more about each base offered, visit our Bases and Care page.

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