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Mathematical Biologist

Mathematical Biologist

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September 2023 | Inspired by Sarah, Mathematical Biologist

Sarah is a mathematical biologist currently working as a data analyst in the research department for the American Family Board of Medicine. Inspired and supported by family and friends, Sarah's interest in STEM goes as far back as she can remember and ultimately led her to pursue a technical career path. Sarah earned her BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and MS in Mathematics with an area of emphasis in Applied Mathematics from West Virginia University. 

When asked what she would say to young girls to inspire them today to pursue a STEM degree program or future career, Sarah said: "Sample a variety of types of STEM, especially in your first year of college or in high school if you have the opportunity. Subjects you may have found boring in high school might have just been that specific subject. For instance, I have never really liked algebra, but primary and secondary school is very algebra heavy for math, [and] it wasn’t until I had taken a couple of calculus classes that I got into it and saw myself having a math related career. Furthermore, pay attention to the world around you. You are surrounded by science and small observations can spark an entire career or at least influence a specific degree. Also, make friends in your classes—in both my math and biology classes, having a variety of perspectives to figure out problems makes a world of difference and may open your mind up to a new way of viewing a topic. STEM is supposed to be collaborative and, as a woman in STEM, that support system will help solidify confidence in the field. I would not have been able to survive all of my lab practices, or even come up with all of the proofs I had to write, without the help of a fellow classmate’s perspective." 💕

Mathematical Biologist pairs well with Homeostasis, also inspired by Sarah.


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