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August 2022 | Inspired by Tiffany, Cytogeneticist

Tiffany is trained as a clinical cytogeneticist and molecular geneticist. She currently works as a Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellow at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and is on track to become a Clinical Genetics Lab Director. She has a BS in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University, a MEd in Secondary Education from Tennessee State University, and a PhD in Molecular Biology from Middle Tennessee University. Tiffany's work helps inform doctors what care patients should receive and how to manage or treat a huge variety of genetic conditions. While the work is emotionally heavy, Tiffany balances this with the knowledge that her team is able to help people understand their illnesses in all stages. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys knitting, reading, traveling, scuba diving, and gardening for monarch butterflies! Tiffany's advice to young girls interested in STEM:  "Don't doubt yourself. I've spent years worried that I wouldn't make it, that I wasn't smart enough to be a scientist. You don't have to be naturally brilliant. If this is something you want to do - go for it. Work hard, and you'll succeed."  🧬💕

FITC pairs well with Cytogeneticist, also inspired by Tiffany.


Each skein of hand-dyed yarn is designed with precision and care, but variations among individual skeins may vary.

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