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Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

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October 2022 | Inspired by Kayla, Environmental Engineer

Kayla is an Environmental Engineer, currently working as a Staff Engineer at CDH Consulting. Before graduating from Colorado School of Mines, she became interested in STEM and learning as a child from amazingly encouraging teachers (particularly her third grade teacher who nurtured her self-confidence) and interesting classes in high school, like the environmental science class that showed Kayla that she could pursue a career that could have a lasting, positive impact on the environment. Today, Kayla works in the oil and natural gas industry, where she says that most companies are trying to do the right thing and working to find new, sustainable ways to provide energy.

When asked what she would say to young girls to inspire them today to pursue a STEM degree program or future career, Kayla said: "Every day offers a chance to find better ways to fix problems to reduce negative impacts in your world. Your contributions can make a lasting impact, whether you are making groundbreaking new discoveries... or offering encouragement and positivity to your team... STEM focused careers require a person... to combine technical practices with compassionate thinking." She even made the awesome connection that this is why it's so important for representation of more women in STEM: women can promote more effective collaboration because they offer alternative perspectives of the world, as well as new ideas on how to incorporate technology and community that aren't often taught in engineering courses, particularly since it takes "compassion, understanding, and empathy to design programs aimed to reduce negative environmental impacts from different human operations." ♻️💚 

Environmental Engineer pairs well with Hydrocarbons, also inspired by Kayla.


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