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If you’ve ever looked up into the sky and wondered why you can see a dull glow lighting up the unlit part of the Moon, it’s because the Sun’s light is reflecting off of Earth’s surface and back onto the Moon. But who first solved this riddle? You guessed it: Leonardo da Vinci! His interest in light and shadow as an artist, coupled with his fondness of geometry as a mathematician and engineer, led to his groundbreaking revelation into this alluring mystery that no one hitherto had been able to explain. He coined the term “Earthshine” (as discussed in his book “Codex Leicester”! 😉) but it has also been called the Da Vinci Glow or planetshine (when it occurs elsewhere in space).

“Earthshine” is reminiscent of a fireside evening of stargazing, with graham cracker coloring and a smattering of dark speckles.

Each skein of hand-dyed yarn is designed with precision and care, but variations among individual skeins may vary.

To learn more about each base offered, visit our Bases and Care page.

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