RWRS April 2023 - Emily, Registered Nurse

RWRS April 2023 - Emily, Registered Nurse

Meet Emily, a registered nurse (RN) currently working as a clinical nurse in the University of Utah Hospital's Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Fascinated in learning about the human body and first aid from a young age, Emily's experience in a college level anatomy and physiology class that she took in high school exposed her to a glimmer of all that one can learn in the medical field: she was hooked! Ever since, Emily has had a passion for learning, interweaving her passions into nursing school and her career. Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Brigham Young University and expressed interest in continuing to advance in the medical field, considering additional certifications or even a doctorate!

  Registered Nurse (n) - a licensed healthcare professional who coordinates and provides patient care after receiving specialized education  

As one might expect, Emily reported that working as a nurse "wears on you physically and mentally as a caregiver," but it's counterweighed by the overwhelming positive that the work is "an incredible privilege to care for people who suffer so much physically and mentally." While in her particular specialty of burn care, Emily interacts with patients on a daily basis who experience an unimaginable level of intense pain and spend months recovering from the trauma. It truly takes a passionate individual to work in her field, and luckily Emily has what it takes because she "loves wounds!" She shared, "I love blood and pus and plasma. I love seeing the gnarly burns and injuries and learning the stories behind them. And it's really interesting to see the wounds change very day, whether they get worse or better." While that might make others squeamish, Emily is surely a true blessing to her patients and her profession. 

What does Emily offer as inspiration to young girls who might be interested in pursuing a degree in nursing or another STEM career?

"Find a career path that meets your interests and needs now, and that can grow with you in the future! I love what I do now, and I know that when I am ready to get more certification as a critical care nurse or go back to school to get my doctorate, this job experience is helping me prepare for my next steps. Nursing has so many different career paths too, so make sure to explore opportunities within your chosen field so you can find what connects with you the best. I fell into burn nursing for my first job, and now I can't imagine doing anything else!"

This month's yarns, inspired by Emily, are affectionately named "Registered Nurse" and "The Healer's Art." As with previously featured women in this collection, Emily named her coordinating color "The Healer's Art" for a very personal reason:

"My nursing school’s mission ‘to learn the Healer’s Art’ continues to guide my nursing practice. My personal faith is integral to the way I care for my patients physically and emotionally. For me, nursing is how I can most emulate Christ, as I serve, care for, and heal my patients, practicing ‘the Healer’s art.'" 💗

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